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Storybook Singalong: "What Makes a Rainbow?"

Sing and sign along with Abigail Loyd, MT-BC as she sing the storybook, "What Makes a Rainbow?" Video at the bottom of the blog.

Learn how to sign the word "rainbow" and 6 colors as we read today's book. American Sign Language is a great way to encourage language development, learn a new way to communicate, and build gross and fine motor skills.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple! These are the colors of the rainbow that Little Rabbit discovers as he talks to a variety of animals in this book. For a closer look at some of these signs, look at the chart below!

Want more storybook singalongs or music therapy activities? Explore our blog and website! Enjoy "What Makes a Rainbow?" with Abigail Loyd, MT-BC!

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