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Storybook Singalong: "Snappy Little Farmyard"

Join one of our music therapists and learn about barnyard animals! In this Storybook singalong, learn about the different sounds that animals make and work on speech development. Video at the bottom of the blog!

Throughout this storybook singalong, a music therapist will prompt you to speak a variety of words and sounds. In this blog, we will specifically highlight sounds that are formed using both of the lips. These are called "bilabial sounds" in speech. The letters "b", "m", and "p" are all formed with the lips.

In "Snappy Little Farmyard", there are many words and animal sounds that can be a fun way to encourage bilabial vocalization. Try the sounds "moo", ""baa", "bleat", "peep", and "meow". Do you feel your lips touching to make the sounds?

Want to practice your "b", "m", and "p" sounds? Watch the video below and use the charts for extra practice! Want to find more storybook singalongs or other music therapy content? Explore our blog and website!

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