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Storybook Singalong: "Snappy Little Numbers"

Listen to a storybook sung by one of our music therapists and learn numbers 1-10 in American Sign Language. Video at the bottom of this blog.

Pop-up books are so much fun! This book includes some wonderful animal pop-ups and is a great way to encourage counting skills. There are many things to count on each page and you can pause the video below on each page to count animals, plants, and more!

In the video below, learn how to sign numbers 1-10 in American Sign Language. ASL is an excellent way to encourage language development, increased communication, and motor skills. Signing numbers 1-10 only requires one hand and your five fingers! Look at the chart below to learn how to sign numbers 1-10.

Enjoy our video and explore our blog and website for more music therapy activities and information.

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