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Storybook Singalong: "Goodnight Moon"

Play "I Spy" in Little Rabbit's room as we singalong to a children's classic: "Goodnight Moon". Video at the bottom of this page!

Join Abigail Loyd, MT-BC for another Storybook Singalong! "Goodnight Moon" will be a guaranteed success in captivating your little ones - it has been a children's classic since 1947!

Abigail sings the book and plays a game of "I Spy" with her readers. There are so many things to see in Little Rabbit's room! Can you find them all?

"Goodnight Moon" is almost endlessly compelling because of the beautiful illustrations. The colors of the book stimulate the reader and draw them into looking at the finest detail on the page. Each time you read this book, you can find something new on the pages!

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