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Make it Yourself: Shaker with a Shake-Along Song

Updated: May 11, 2020

Abigail Loyd, MT-BC teaches you how to make your own shaker using items you can find around your house. She then sings a song you can shake that homemade shaker along to! The song encourages direction following and active listening.

Do you want to make your own musical shaker?

All you need is...

  1. A cup with a lid, or salt and pepper shakers, or a tupperware container, etc. AND

  2. Rice, or dried beans, or seeds, etc.

Here is one of our music therapists showing you how to create a "make it yourself" shaker! She then sings a fun shaking song that promotes direction following and active listening.

Comment below or send us a picture or video of you making and playing your "make it yourself" shaker! Tag a friend who would also like to have some musical fun!

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