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Make It Yourself: Spin Drum and Play Along Song

Updated: May 11, 2020

Create a spin drum at home with common items! Once you have your drum made, join Abigail Loyd, MT-BC and play along to a drumming song! Videos at the bottom of this blog.

Spin drums are fun to play, especially when you play them fast! You can make your own spin drum at home with just a few household items. Once it is made, you'll be ready for lots of spinning, noisy fun! Learn how to make your spin drum below with our written and video directions.


1. Two lids

2. String or thread

3. A pencil

4. Two buttons

5. Tape

6. Scissors

7. Things to decorate your drum with


1. Tape your pencil to the middle of one of your lids. Tape down the sharpened part of the pencil inside the lid.

2. Cut two pieces of string. The string will be taped inside the lids and needs to be long enough to hit the middle of the lids.

3. Attach your buttons to your short pieces of string. You can thread the sting through the button holes or glue the buttons to the sting.

4. Tape the string to the inside of the lid on either side of the pencil.

5. Put the second lid on top of the first lid and tape the lids together, enclosing the pencil and string ends (leave the buttons and length of string on the outside of the drum).

6. Decorate your drum!

7. Now, your drum is ready to play! Place the pencil between your flat palms and fingers and rub your hands together. This should cause the pencil to spin, making the buttons hit the sides of the drum!

Watch the first video for video instructions on how to make your spin drum. Once you have your drum ready, play along with our second video! For more music therapy activities and information, explore our blog and website!

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