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Learning to Find a New Routine

Join Alex Heidt, MT-BC as she shares some transition songs you can use to help create routine at home.

Transitions between activities can be challenging for many children, especially now that everyone’s routines have been thrown for a loop. Children have gone from the fairly predictable schedule of school to being at home where parents and caregivers are trying their best to learn to be teachers and create learning-friendly environments and new routines for their children.

Because of these sudden shifts in routine, some of you may be noticing your children struggling with transitions more than usual. Transition songs can be a very helpful tool in easing the stress of transitioning between activities. Music therapists and teachers use them all the time, but we don’t want to keep this useful tool all to ourselves!

Here are three tips to help you utilize transition songs with your children:

1. Use them regularly and consistently

It will help to create a clear routine, which is helpful in decreasing stress and behavioral issues with your children. They’ll come to expect the songs and will know exactly what they’re supposed to do when they hear the song.

2. Don’t worry about your singing abilities

You’re not auditioning for American Idol (unless you want to). No matter your self-perceived singing ability, your kids will be so happy to make music with you!

3. Make them your own

Change the songs to fit your needs. For the songs I shared today, I took familiar, simple songs and changed the words to meet my client’s needs. You can do the same with your children! Don’t worry about rhyming or musical structure. Just have fun with it!

Looking for other fun musical activities you can do while you’re at home or to learn more about music therapy? Check out the rest of the awesome content on our blog!

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