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Get Your Crayons! Musical Coloring Pages

Color inside or outside of the lines with some music-themed coloring pages!

We could all use a little break! Why not let your creative side loose and enjoy a classic downtime activity - coloring pages!

We have compiled an assortment of music-themed coloring pages. Whether you are a fan of intricate work or you like to paint with a broad brush - we've got a coloring page for you! Click on the attachment below to download your coloring pages. You can print them out, download and color on a tablet, or use the paint option on your laptop!

Don't forget to play your favorite music once you are ready to create your artwork! Adding music to your coloring experience can stimulate creativity, increase focus, and create a comfortable environment for you to relax in! Not sure where to start? We recommend you try something new! Perhaps listen to the soundtrack of your favorite movie or find a good "focus" music playlist. Try out different types of music and see how your artwork transforms as the music changes!

We want to see your finished masterpiece! Download the coloring page (or pages!) you want to color and then print them or color them on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Send us a picture of your creation by tagging one of our social media accounts (listed below) or commenting a picture on our Facebook or blog!

Facebook: Center for Music Therapy and Wellness, LLC

Instagram: @center4musictherapy

Twitter: @Center4MT

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