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Through the Decades: Musical Trivia

Can you guess when these songs were originally recorded? Join Alex Heidt, MT-BC for a singalong, musical trivia game!

Let's play a game! Test your music knowledge as Alex plays 4 different songs from 4 different eras. Can you correctly guess the right era for each song? The songs Alex plays are from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. She has included some of the most recognizable tunes from genres ranging from rock 'n' roll to classic country.

Musical trivia is an excellent way to encourage reminiscence. Music is often tied to important life events and memories. Using music for reminiscence is a powerful tool in older adult populations - specifically those with memory-loss diagnoses. Music, musical skills, and musical memories are stored in a variety of places throughout the brain, making them easier to access. Using music to trigger memory is a great way to encourage reality orientation, reminiscence, and sense of self.

You can play your own musical trivia game at home! Have each person pick a song to play for the group. You can have the group guess artist, genre, decade, album, etc. as your trivia question! As you play the game, encourage group members to talk about specific memories they have with a song or ask why they picked a song to share with the group. Have fun!

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