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At Center for Music Therapy and Wellness, we want to be here to help you and your residents through these difficult times. Music is an excellent way to help your residents feel connected and engaged and to help support you as staff in keeping your residents happy and creating a calmer work environment. Though we’re unable to do sessions in person, we’ve come up with some alternative options for you to be able to utilize the benefits of music without us being there.

What are the benefits of music therapy for older adults?

Music therapy services are effective with older adults who have deficits in the

following areas:

  • physical

  • psychological

  • cognitive

  • social functioning

Research and clinical examples provide further validity to the effectiveness of

music therapy in this population. As a sensory stimulation, music elicits

responses due to the familiarity, predictability, and feelings of security

associated with it.


Furthermore, using "patient-preferred music" provides a deeper connection to

music presented. Presenting this music creates a full-brain stimulation, which

aids in the recall of memories, an increased release of dopamine, a decrease in

blood pressure, and reality orientation.

Music is a powerful tool when working with the older adult population.

Board-certified music therapists, including all of the therapists at CMTW, are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide the maximum benefit of a musical experience to the older adult population.



                                                                           We are living in uncertain times with the presence

                                                                          of COVID-19 in our community.   

                                                                          For the physical safety of assisted living residents, many are confined to                                                                            their rooms for a large amount of time and have little access to                                                                                            interpersonal relationships. While this quarantine protects their physical                                                                              health, the state of their mental and social health is a great concern.                                                                                   

                                                              WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!



Here are some of the services we can provide for you during this time of not

being able to see your residents in person.

Live or Pre-recorded Interactive Group Sessions

  • Can be live through Zoom with iPad or television that connects to the internet OR a pre-recorded Youtube video

  • Music therapist will lead residents through music activities such as sing-alongs, movement to music, trivia, and discussion/reminiscence

Live Interactive Individual Sessions

  • Great for individuals that may require a little additional support at this time

  • Utilizes programs such as Zoom or with an ipad or smart phone to meet one-on-one through video conferencing

  • Music therapist will lead resident through music activities such as sing-alongs, movement to music, and discussion, depending on their needs

Outside concerts (weather permitting)

  • Let us come and do an interactive music therapy session from your courtyard, patio, or outside individuals’ windows

Individualized playlists

  • We will chat with the individual over the phone or through video conferencing to learn about their musical preferences and then create a unique playlist through Youtube or Spotify for them to listen to whenever they would like

Pre-recorded music programs

  • Music therapist will create various themed programs utilizing Youtube and other materials

  • Great for groups or individuals

  • Can do individually or great for interaction with staff and residents

  • Includes the following: Youtube playlist, Discussion questions, pictures, trivia, videos from us

Make It Yourself Instruments (supplies required)

  • We will provide a video with simple instructions in how residents can make their own instruments with 2 interactive songs/activities where they can utilize their new unique instruments


Do you have questions regarding service options or

do you want to schedule a music therapy consultation today?


Send us a message through our Contact Page

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